Great teacher Like a Grandfather

鮎澤 衛
Mamoru Ayusawa 

日本川崎病学会 副会長

Department of Pediatrics and Child Health,
Nihon University School of Medicine
Associate Professor




Every time I met Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki, it was a heart-warming moment for me like being with a grandfather, probably because my three mentors are also respecting Dr. Kawasaki.

I was studying many books or journals of Kawasaki Disease (KD) in 1986 when my career was the 2nd year as a pediatrician, and there was so-called the last pandemic of KD in Japan. Prof. Kensuke Harada lead me to practice and to study Kawasaki disease as a pediatric cardiologist. He invited Professor Masato (Mike) Takahashi for JSKD Meeting in 1995. Mike kindly accept me to study abroad in Children Hospital Los Angeles. Professor Tsutomu (Ben) Saji also previously studied in CHLA with Mike and encouraged me to participate in advanced medicine in the United States. In the 10th IKDS in Kyoto, we planned the birthday ceremony to cerebrate Dr. Kawasaki aged 88 called Beiju (米寿), and Dr. Takahashi aged 77 called Kijyu (喜寿), which are celebrated with dressing each of them in gold and purple ‘Chanchanko’ (Japanese traditional color vest), respectively.

Last September, Mike and I could have the opportunity to visit Dr. Kawasaki in the meantime when he was hospitalized and conditions were recovering. When we are going to leave his room after we talked, Dr. Kawasaki said ’Danke schön!’ with a powerful voice. It is my precious memory.

The passings of Dr. Harada in 2009 and Dr. Saji in 2017 were too early and sad for me and my colleagues, but they might encounter Dr. Kawasaki and might have been surprised now in Heaven.

As I recently have some opportunities to lecture about the manifestations of KD, I would like to keep telling the monumental findings of Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki accurately to young students or doctors as long as possible.

Dr. Kawasaki in photos

JSKD 1995 held by Prof. K Harada
Honolulu 1997, with KD legends
JSKD 2007, welcoming Mike

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