Heartfelt tribute to Dr Tomisaku Kawasaki

Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia

On behalf of the Australian Kawasaki Disease Foundation and wider community, we thank Dr Kawasaki for his lifetime of dedication toward knowledge, research and advancements in Kawasaki disease. Some of us were fortunate to meet Dr Kawasaki during different symposiums over the years, and we will treasure the conversations, laughs and his welcoming and humble nature. We are grateful to have shared in his journey of Kawasaki disease, albeit from a different lens as parents and children, knowing that his insight and discovery was critical in the treatment and outcomes for our children. Our heartfelt condolences reach out to all of Dr Kawasaki’s family, friends and colleagues, and all those that had the pleasure of his professionalism and kindness. A pioneer and a great man, we are honored to have known.

With love and gratitude, Shirley Mates, Bec Wilby, Meagan Mitchell, Nidal Raslan, Simone Staadan, Penny Scott, and our KD families xo

Dr. Kawasaki in photos

Quinn Bailey with Dr Kawasaki, IKDS 2018 Japan
Australian and other KD parents, IKDS 2015 Hawaii
Cam Mates and Shirley Mates with Dr Kawasaki, IKDS 2018 Japan
Katherine Chen and Shirley Mates with Dr Kawasaki, IKDS 2015 Hawaii

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