In Memoriam: A Giant of a Man

Professor Kathryn Taubert

UT Southwestern Medical Center;
Vice President International Science,
American Heart Association

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Kawasaki in Hawaii in 1986. I was impressed by his great knowledge and also by his warmth and friendliness. It was clear to me that he was passionate about his work and that he loved his patients. He also had an endearing twinkle in his eye.

Over the years I saw him, along with Mrs. Kawasaki, at many Kawasaki disease conferences in Japan, the USA, and Taiwan. There was often a line of people, including healthcare professionals, journalists, parents of KD children, and even some of the children and adults who hd been treated by Dr. Kawasaki in the past.He was adored by all of them, and it reminded me a bit of the following of a rock star. I told him once that I should call him Mick Jagger! Yet he always remained so humble and down to earth.

The last time I saw Dr. and Mrs. Kawasaki was at the 2018 IKDS in Yokohama. Dr. K. was confined to his wheelchair, but he still had that twinkle in his eye. I’m sorry the definitive cause for Kawasaki disease was not discovered in his lifetime, but he is an inspiration to all to continue until a case and a cure are found.

We all miss you Dr. K.

Dr. Kawasaki in photos

Dr. Kawasaki birthday celebration 2015 Hawaii
Dr and Mrs Kawasaki with Dr. Kathryn Taubert 2018 Yokohama

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