In Memory of Dr. Kawasaki

Dr. Guoying Huang

Children's Hospital of Fudan University
Professor and President

I knew about Kawasaki disease when I was in college, but I didn’t expect to meet Dr. Kawasaki later, who led me down the path of Kawasaki disease research. It’s a kind of fate, and it makes me very grateful.

Dr. Kawasaki is not only the discoverer and clinical specialist of Kawasaki disease, but also the knowledge spreader and researcher of Kawasaki disease. My Chinese colleagues and I are very grateful to him for funding our Kawasaki Epidemiological Survey in Shanghai and other regions since 1990s, which has given us valuable information on the prevalence of Kawasaki disease in Shanghai and other parts of China.

In 2003 I had the privilege of meeting him at the Kawasaki Disease Research Center in Japan and reporting to him on the epidemiological findings of Kawasaki disease in Shanghai. Dr. Kawasaki is amiable and approachable, I still remember him entertaining me lunch in his hometown, and the noodles in his hometown were very delicious.

It’s a great honor of being a friend of Dr. Kawasaki.

Dr. Kawasaki is immortal!

Dr. Kawasaki in photos

Dr. Kawasaki with Guoying Huang at his office Tokyo
Dr. Kawasaki with Guoying Huang at Fudan Children’s Hospital
Dr. Kawasaki with Guoying Huang and Dr. Yanagawa in Shanghai
Dr. Kawasaki with Guoying Huang and Zhongdong Du in his hometown Tokyo

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