My precious memories of Dr. Kawasaki

Masato Takahashi

Former IKDS President

When I first read his seminal paper on the analysis of 50 patients, I was flabbergasted by his patient and analytical observations and meticulous documentation. I was honored to be asked by the key members of Japan Kawasaki Research Center to assist in side-by-side English translation in 2001.

In 1986, I accompanied Dr. and Mrs. Kawasaki to Washington, DC , where he participated in the Plenary Session of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His talk received a standing ovation. Later, we toured the U.S. Capitol to witness democracy in action.

Next a very personal note. In 1991 I went back to Japan to visit my terminally ill father . After his death we held a funeral service at a small church. To my amazement I spotted Dr. Kawasaki in the audience. He had taken an hourlong train ride to share in my family’s grief.

Finally, I would like to recite Dr. Kawasaki’s favorite mantra , which summarizes his life philosophy:

医学は厳しく、医療は暖く(Igaku wa kibishiku, Iryou wa atatakaku!)
“Be rigorous in science of medicine but be warm in medical treatment.”

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