Salute to the Master

Chia-Yi Chin, MD

Department of Pediatrics,
Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Professor Tomisaku Kawasaki is a role model for me.

I met Professor Kawasaki for the first time (also the only time) in the 12th International Kawasaki Synposium at Yokohama. It was also my first time to present the poster in international conference in foreign country with my teacher Professor Ming-Tai Lin. It was really meaningful to me. I really respect the attitude of Professor Kawasaki. He attended the synposium everyday, although he was already more than 90 year-old. I was so lucky to have a photo with Professor Kawasaki, no matter I was just a resident of pediatric. His smile really encouraged me! I will always remember you and the gift you gave to the world. Rest in peace, Professor Kawasaki.

Dr. Kawasaki in photos

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