The Everlasting Memory of Dr. Kawasaki

Luisa Berenise Gámez González

Hospital Infantil Especialidades, Chihuahua , Mexico
Pediatric Immunology

It is a great responsibility to care for a sick child. Dr Kawasaki was one of the best Pediatricians in the last century who provided invaluable knowledge of the disease that deservdly has his name.

It was a pleasure to meet Dr Kawasaki. It was April 2016 when he received my mentor, Dr. Hiromichi Hamada and me in his office . It was a rainy day , but he wanted to see us because I was coming from a far country to meet him . He, his lovely wife and daughter gave me a very warm welcome. We talked about KD in Mexico and I remember his surprised and pleased face when I presented several clinical photos of Mexican children with KD, a reflection of the passion of a person who loves what he does. It was a very wonderful and unforgettable evening for me. If I have to choose two words to describe Dr. Kawasaki, those would be compassionate and brilliant. The memories of his kindness will remain in my heart . He will be deeply missed by all.

Dr. Kawasaki in photos

Dr. Kawasaki´s office. Tsubura Kawasaki, Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki,
Dr. Hiromichi Hamada, Dr. Luisa Gámez

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