The Everlasting Memory of Dr. Kawasaki, Our Great Teacher

Jong-Woon CHOI, MD, PhD

Bundang Jesaeng Hospital, Daejin Medical Center, KOREA
President of the Korean Society of Kawasaki Disease

I first saw Dr. Kawasaki at the Asian Congress of Pediatrics which was held in New Delhi, India in 1994. It was the first time that I attended an abroad medical conference and presented an oral presentation. The title of my presentation was “Optimal dose of aspirin in treating Kawasaki disease”.

I felt tense because it was my first experience to present an oral presentation at an abroad medical conference. After I managed to present my study, an elegant doctor stood up at the last row of the conference room. He kindly commented on my presentation, and encouraged me, praising my study. I did not recognize him initially, but I became to know later that he was Dr. Kawasaki who first published the disease after his name! Since then, I greeted him at several medical conferences, and I felt sad to see him becoming older and weaker. When I heard he passed away, I felt grief and feeling of loss. Although he is not here with us, I think he would continuously encourage us to treat and study Kawasaki disease. I cordially express deep condolence on his passing away, and wish he would feel peaceful with his wife in the heaven.

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